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Janice Raymond 1 photos
Lancashire, England
5' 10"
143 lbs
Janice Raymond is going places. We mean that both literally and figuratively, since she's been accepted as a Jet Bunny on the Big Bunny, Hugh Hefner's customized DC-9 - the world's most opulent private plane - and, at press time, was about to begin training for her new job. Being a jet bunny will give Janice a break from her regular duties at the Los Angeles Playboy Club. She's been a bunny for just over a year, and though she works only several evenings a week serving cocktails and food to keyholders, she finds it "hard work". That's partly because the statuesque 23-year-old has to fend off endless questions about her size: "Every single night, somebody will say, 'Can I ask you a personal question?' And I just say, 'I'm five ten - flat footed.' Am I uptight about being tall? Well, I used to be, in high school - but not now." Janice had no hesitation about becoming a Bunny; she had been driving a minibus at L.A.'s International Airport, taking customers to their rent-a-cars. "It was 40 hours a week, and I just drove in circles all day." But rent-a-cars are a thing of the past for Janice and she revels in the California lifestyle. It's about a 20-minute drive from the L.A. Club to the Playa del Rey apartment Janice shares with a girlfriend. On rainy days, she may busy herself about the pad, but if the sun's out, Janice - who majored in physical education at Long Beach State - is more likely to be found water-skiing or riding a bike around the beach. Or at a car race, such as the Riverside Grand Prix or the California 500. She's been watching the cars all her life, since her father - who moved the family to the States from their native England when Janice was about two - was a mechanic for Stirling Moss, Phil Hill and other auto-racing stars. Janice still has relatives in Britain; earlier this year, she spent a month with her aunt and uncle in Lancashire. "The countryside was gorgeous," she reports. "The people were more down-to-earth than they are in Los Angeles, and life was generally slower. It was really good, in a way. But, to tell the truth, I'd rather stay in California; as far as I'm concerned, this is utopia." Looking at Janice, we'd be inclined to agree.
  • November 30, 1974
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