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Sandy Johnson 2 photos
San Antonio, Texas
5' 6"
114 lbs
Not that she's lazy, you understand, far from it; but Sandy Johnson loves her life on the beach because the mood is easy and relaxed. "I don't feel like I must have a regular nine-to-five job. People around here figure if I'm lying on the sand at 11 a.m., that's my business, and half my neighbors are liable to be there, too, either getting some sun or organizing a softball game." Late-morning sun baths are still very much a luxury for Sandy, however, because the 19-year-old native of San Antonio (she's been in California six years) has so much going on she had to install one of those "Hi, I'm Sandy Johnson and I'm not here. When the tone sounds, tell me what you want and I'll call you back" gadgets on her phone. "I need it primarily because I sell cosmetics and people call me to place orders." The great thing about the job, she says, is that "you can make a lot of money selling cosmetics without working a lot of hours." Hmmm, tell us more. "The secret is organization. I sell to large groups of women in their homes." When she's not making women beautiful, Sandy attends classes at Santa Monica Community College, where she keeps busy studying food and nutrition ("Beauty care has a lot to do with what you eat") and singing. "I've already taken a lot of dancing lessons, so I know that I can dance. If I can sing, too, then I want to try to break into musicals. My fantasy is to star on the stage. That turns me on muc hmore than TV or movies. I might also study acting so I can combine all three - singing, dancing, acting." It shouldn't take more than a glance at these pictures to see that the versatile Sandy already has her act very much together.
  • April 30, 1974
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  • Stan
    I for one am so pleased that we are no longer in the "bush" era. I'd love to have seen this girl shot with today's standard. You would never be able to see her labia with all that hair. The new direction of playboy plus is awesome!
  • Sebastian
    I'm with James, I like all the variety of women the world gives us. All ethnicities, hair colors and lengths, breast sizes and shapes, full bush, trimmed, or shaved bald...The only issue I have with women these days is the over-abundance of augmented breasts (of varying degrees of quality)...
    They way we were. Thank you, Sandy. Photos 5 and 14 illustrate my mood while looking at the whole beautiful portfolio. The sadness of seeing you in the twilight of the '60s, when innocence was still possible, the Vietnam War ended, the horrors of global neo-conservatism not yet begun. And on a less philosophical note: Your luxuriant bush reminds me that it would be a great idea if all of the present-day Playboy models weren't determined to go hairless down there; maybe we could have "before and after" portfolios?
    I, for one, am a big fan of variety! I like everything from a full-on bush to a compete absence of hair. It's strange to me that so many models and viewers seem to be hair-phobic these days. Celebrate diversity!
  • JOHN
    I agree with George; there's nothing like a nice, full bush. Look at the way her pubic hair glistens in the sun in frame 9. Now take a look at frames 18 and 22; her breasts are real with beautiful, big, puffy areolae. Today, the standard seems to be bare crotches, and they have breasts of varying sizes (half of which are fake) with small areolae. I'm sorry, Stan, but I think the "new direction" stinks!