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Daina House 2 photos
Dallas, Texas
5' 7"
127 lbs
"I must admit I had certain misgivings about becoming a Playmate. Down in Texas, which is where I was born and reared, we used to hear all kinds of kinky rumors about Playboy - like what those little stars on the cover meant and all - so you might say I had my doubts. It all started about a year ago, when I did an ad for a platform-shoe company in L.A. One of the photographers asked me to do a promo gig for him and I said OK, and he took a bunch of my pictures up to Playboy with the intention of promoting the shoes. Ironically, Playboy wanted the girl - me - not the shoes; but I said no at first. I figured I'd have to put up with all sorts of hanky-panky from the photographers. But Marilyn Grabowski, the West Coast Photography Editor, was real nice and assured me that it wasn't that way at all, and eventually I agreed. I love modeling, anyway, mainly because I love to have my picture taken. Even as a kid in Dallas, I used to be the star of my dad's home movies. Which is one big reason why I'm an actress. Acting gives me a lot of satisfaction - it's a release for my frustrations. People tend to think beautiful girls are all dumbbells, which I'm not. Acting gives me a way of showing those people that I've got talent. In fact, I'd rather play a nun than a sexpot. My movie credits so far haven't been all that impressive, but after all, I'm just starting out. I had a tiny walk-on in Farewell, My Lovely and I'm going up to Montana to film The Winds of Autumn, in which I play a whore. Also, I'm up for the female lead in Tom Laughlin's new film, 'The Deadliest Spy,' so keep your fingers crossed. You've got to be pretty ballsy to get ahead in this business and I am ballsy, but I'm all cotton inside and I hurt easily. Also, I can't stand phoniness. There's a lot of that in showbiz and I react to it by being real. It's hard sometimes, but I try. It's just the way I am. Like it or not."
  • December 31, 1975
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  • Anonymous
    Absolutely beautiful. Bo Derek is not the perfect 10. You are!!