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Mardi Jacquet 2 photos
Châteauroux, France
5' 6"
105 lbs
Mardi Jacquet was born in Châteauroux, France, adopted by an American doctor and his wife and raised with four stepbrothers on a ranch in California. Mardi does not dwell on her personal history ("I sort of make up my life as I go along"), but it does, perhaps, explain some of her more curious traits. We suspect that Miss October is the first Playmate ever to harbor a fantasy about driving in a demolition derby. "Well, I was raised with four boys. I put away my dolls when I was five and started playing with cars. There's nothing I like more than taking my Maverick out into the desert and doing 360s." There's plenty of desert around Scottsdale, Arizona, where Mardi landed when she struck out on her own. "I came into town with my clothes in the back of my car and half a tank of gas. I've done a little bit of everything to get by. I've detailed cars, cleaned apartments and worked on an Arabian-horse ranch on the edge of town. I love this place. The people are friendly, laid back, easygoing. Arizona is more of a party state than California. I can go tubing down the Verde River and everyone on the bank will invite me to join their picnics. I can go into a bar and see a hundred friends." We'd like to thank one of those friends. When he suggested to Mardi that she try out for Playboy, she had a girlfriend snap a few Polaroids. She sent them, we saw them and the rest is history. Now you can see why she has a hundred friends.
  • September 30, 1980
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  • Charles
    I plan to revisit 1980 as soon as I can give these women the attention they deserve.
    Since I first saw Mardi Jacquet's layout in Playboy, I have been entranced by her fresh beauty and great body. She's far and away my favorite on this site and any other playboy site. I wish Playboy would post additional photos of Mardi Jacquet.
  • John
    Please post more photos of the beautiful and sexy Mardi Jacquet.
    I too am completely enamoured with this woman. I just stare... She's so beautiful and feminine and perfect.. Please add more Mardi.