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Liz Glazowski 1 photos
Zakopane, Poland
5' 5"
110 lbs
When Pope John Paul II made his historic visit to Chicago, he should have felt right at home - you don't have to go to Poland to find beautiful Polish women. Chicago is said to have a Polish population second only to Warsaw's; and Chicago is beautiful, Polish Liz Glazowski's home town. Remember when we scoured the country for our 25th Anniversary Playmate? Liz is one of our bonuses from that venture. "I'm impulsive. I heard about the Great Playmate Hunt, thought I'd make a good Playmate and went to the Mansion for an interview." She came, we saw, we concurred. Liz was an ace secretary before trading in her steno pad for a model's portfolio. That's not all she does well: Miss April was a top basketball player at her high school. "I'm athletic; I loved playing basketball - now it's tennis. I want to stay in shape. When there's a 50th Playmate Reunion, you'll still be able to recognize me." We've always believed a girl's genes have something to do with how she'll look in her jeans when the 21st Century gets here, so we checked out Liz's mom. Not to worry: She's tiny and trim. And, by the way, Liz adores her. She surprised us by being very traditional about some things . . . for example, her Catholicism. "I'd never take Communion from a woman. Nuns who want to be priests should leave the Church." What about celibacy? What if priests could marry? "If it's OK with the Pope, it's OK with me. But I've never met a priest I was particularly attracted to." Who is she attracted to? "For some reason, I like Jewish guys." Liz is like that: She says things you just don't expect. But whenever she says something really outrageous, there's an irrepressible laugh sure to follow. Liz is headed for L.A., where she hopes to "get an offer I can't refuse" in films. Who's her choice for leading man? "John Travolta, of course." Before you go, Liz, say something sexy in Polish. "Nothing is sexy in Polish. But ja kocham ciebie means I love you." It sounds sexy when you say it, Liz.
  • March 31, 1980
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  • Anonymous
    This pictorial is exemplary and represents the best of Playboy's photography for its period. The model is outstanding, the props and lighting are superb. A classic photo shoot!
  • Craig
    wow - I am really enjoying looking back at the 80's and Liz is one of my favourites - stunning model
    jh-always one of my favorites
  • MARK
    I think she's my all time favorite.