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Sarah Michaels 15 photos
Sussex, WI
5' 3"
125 lbs
Straight out of Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club 3, Sarah’s now trying her luck at the dating game. In Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too, she’s competing against two wicked women for her ideal man: one who’s confident, honest and will treat her like a princess. Playboy: You’re a popular Cyber Club model—why turn to reality TV to hook up? Sarah: I was on the Bad Girls Club last season and had a pretty rough time when it came to dating. This show is a great way for me to try to find love in a very fun and entertaining way. Playboy: You were pretty entertaining on Bad Girls Club. Can we look forward to more of the same crazy action on Love Games? Sarah: Of course—we’re bad girls! But I can’t give anything away. You will have to watch and see. Playboy: Do these guys on the show know what they’re in for? Do you think you’ll meet your match? Sarah: The guys are all really great—super sweet, fun, outgoing and so sexy! There are so many options it would suck to not find a connection with one of them. Playboy: Are you in it to win it? Sarah: I’m going to do whatever it takes. Second place is the first loser!
  • December 30, 2007
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    sexy,sexy ,sexy...........head to toes
  • Anonymous
    She is in a Video with Kendra Ivy ,Nikki Mitchell and Haley Sorenson ,called Big Boob Aerobics .. LOTS of Bouncy Fun there ...