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Sharon Marie 1 photos
San Francisco, CA
5' 7"
111 lbs
Zivity: Riding Shotgun Playboy and bring fresh talent to the Cyber Club! Members of both sites voted on the theme for this pictorial, Short Skimpy Skirts. The winning pictorial features model Sharon Marie shot by photographer Joshua LaCunha. San Francisco Bay Area native Sharon Marie has been modeling for more than five years but only recently decided to be more daring in front of the camera. She provided the Cadillac used in this pictorial. “Taking an active role in creating an artistic image can be very rewarding,” Marie says. “When I’m not busy posing I enjoy classic car shows, live music and hanging out at the local brewery with my friends.” Marie has been shooting with Joshua LaCunha for about a year. “He has a great eye and makes modeling easy and fun. I always look forward to seeing the final product after a shoot with him.” Says LaCunha, “Sharon rumbled into my life riding shotgun in a long black ’63 Cadillac on a sweltering August afternoon. I knew from the first time I saw her unbutton her sweater in a hot, dusty chicken house that she was something special. A true blonde bombshell with a taste for old bourbon and good beer. We’ve shot together many times since then and she’s always easy company. I’m still honored and flattered to be the only photographer that she’s ever taken her clothes off for. That says something. When a woman feels at ease in your presence and trusts you to show the world her beauty, that’s hard to match. To see what only a select few have seen before and shine an ethereal light upon that divine flesh. I am blessed. To me, Playboy has always stood for beautiful women photographed beautifully. That pretty much sums up my philosophy as well.” Watch for future collaborative efforts and help us create more unique themed features with new models and photographers!
  • February 14, 2011
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    Makes you want to go "parking".