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Susanne Kohnen 2 photos
airdire, N/A
6' 0"
130 lbs
This week's Cyber Girl, Susanne Kohnen, keeps up the tradition of hot Cyber Girls from the cold north. And up is the word to use when looking at this long-legged beauty. At six feet tall, her pretty head and shoulders stand out in a crowd as do her sky blue eyes. And the sky is the limit for Susanne, both personally and professionally. She wants to parlay her looks into an acting career, and we think the camera will love Susanne. Her other ambition is to get a private pilot's license, and we know that's one jet we'd love to get a ride in. And if you like a woman with a wicked sense of humor, Susanne is your girl. When we asked her what makes a woman sexy, she responded, with a straight face, "Lots of makeup and great photographers." Taken aback, we weren't sure how to respond until Susanne flashed us a devilish smile. "Seriously, it's three things: self-confidence, intelligence and excellent personal health." We couldn't agree more.
  • October 28, 2001
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