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Tabitha Juneway 1 photos
N/A, N/A
5' 5"
114 lbs
Playboy: Take us through your workday. Tabitha: I'm not sure if you can call lying around work, but it does pay the bills. I lie there naked with banana leaves and sushi strategically placed on my body, and diners literally eat off me. It's a little hedonistic, but everybody likes a little debauchery now and again -- even if they don't like sushi. Playboy: Is there a word for what you do? Tabitha: Nyotaimori, but we call it body sushi because it's easier for people to remember when they make a reservation. Playboy: Any occupational hazards? Tabitha: Wasabi. I learned the hard way that it can soak through a banana leaf and burn your skin. And I once caught fire. There are candles around me, and when I was getting cleaned off, I sat up and my hair caught fire. One of the people at the restaurant put it out and saved my life. It was pretty embarrassing. Playboy: Do you need special skills to be a sushi model? Tabitha: You have to be able to lie perfectly still for an hour while sometimes being poked with chopsticks. It's as if I'm the guy in the game Operation. You also have to take shallow breaths or the sushi will fly off your breasts.
  • June 30, 2006
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