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Tailor James 1 photos
Toronto, ON
5' 5"
110 lbs
The Cyber Girls continue to bring more firsts in the month of September. We began the month with a bang when the October 2001 issue hit the stands trumpeting the first Cyber Girl and Playmate, Stephanie Heinrich. That was followed with the marking of the Cyber Girls' one-year anniversary. Now we end the month with our first Cyber Girl roommates. Our September 24 CGOW, Tailor James, is a roommate of one of our favorite Cyber Girls, June CGOM Katie Corriveau. "Katia brought my pictures down," Tailor told us, "when she went for her lune Cyber Girl of the Month shoot." An apartment with two beautiful Cyber Girls had us thinking of the possibilities a whole apartment complex of Cyber Girls might hold—with a Melrose Place-like television show tracking the sexy exploits of all the neighbors. Back in June we wondered if there was something in Canada's water that helped grow such amazing beauties, and now we may have it pinned down to a specific area of Ontario where we could shoot the television pilot.
  • September 23, 2001
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