Don't Let Life Pass You By Without a 'Hitman' Murder Drinking Party

Don’t Let Life Pass You By Without a ‘Hitman’ Murder Drinking Party

The best part of Hitman is playing each new level until you’ve completed every challenge, killed your targets in dozens of different ways, and memorized the movements of every character and the contours of every hallway, ballroom and plaza. You can spend hours and hours replaying the same mission until everything is perfect—killing your targets without getting spotted, hiding their bodies, preventing any other casualties, and doing it all without wearing a disguise is the ultimate victory. And if I hadn’t achieved all that, I would have had a much tougher time killing Hitman’s first elusive target—especially inebriated as I was. The elusive target is an anomaly. Available for only 48 hours, the mission lacks all the normal objective cues, so you’re left with little guidance. And the target must be assassinated skillfully, because if you get killed in the process, it’s game over—and you won’t get another chance. If you fail the mission you can’t retry, and the target will…

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