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Alyssa  Michelle



Alyssa Michelle
Bullhead City, AZ
5' 7"
Amateur Alyssa Michelle is pretty hard to miss. She’s 5’7”, with bright blue eyes, long hair dyed a radiant red, and a proliferous pair of D cups. “I’m irresistible – and unforgettable,” she says, and we don’t doubt her for a minute. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Alyssa spent four recent years in Oahu, Hawaii. “As amazing as it is there, Phoenix will always be my home,” she says. These days she’s living in nearby Bullhead City, Arizona, where she’s a licensed as an aesthetician and an insurance agent. “I’m always changing my mind, wanting to do something different,” she says. “But hey, what’s life if you’re not living it the way you want?” Alyssa is living her life exactly the way she wants. “I love the outdoors,” she says excitedly. “Swimming, hiking, camping – it all sounds great to me! And I love to go out dancing with the girls. But as much as I love to go out and I have a good time, being at home and relaxing is what I enjoy most. Cuddling up and watching a movie is just fine with me.” So what made Alyssa want to work for Playboy? “There was a casting call in Phoenix, and I couldn’t resist,” she says. “I mean, hello – it’s Playboy!” She credits eight years of dance and gymnastics for her flat stomach, and “the best doctor ever” for her ample breasts. “Being able to work with Playboy is such an honor,” she gushes. “They’re the best! They have an incredible reputation.” Thanks, Alyssa – but the honor is all ours.
  • September 17, 2012
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  • Anonymous
    WOW!!! I don't care if she's augmented she's done it perfectly!! We need more of this incredible stunner, NOW!!! And for God's sake slap a pair of HIIIGH heels on that woman! Flawless!! She's everything my dream woman wants to be.
  • Anonymous
    Totally awesome!Need more.
  • Anonymous
    Please more of this girl! Absolutely stunning.
  • Anonymous
    I watched her video today and I'm speechless! Wow. Incredibly hot. More more more.
  • Anonymous
    Best new girl you have!!!!!! She's hot, hot, hot!!!!!