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Avis Miller



Miss november 1970
Avis Miller
N/A, Ohio
5' 9"
140 lbs
NAME: Avis Miller BIRTHPLACE: Ohio USA BUST: 39" D WAIST: 26" HIPS: 37" HEIGHT: 5' 9" WEIGHT: 140 lbs AMBITIONS: I'd love to have a life with no responsibilities so I could travel a lot. TURN-ONS: Doing something crazy on the spur of the moment. TURNOFFS: Waiting in lines, loud noise. CLUB HOPPING: Before I became a Bunny at the Playboy Club in San Francisco, I was a loan officer at a savings and loan in Tempe. AS A KID: My father was a salesman, so we moved around a lot. We lived in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois and Arizona. My older brother now digs on wells in Wyoming. I'D LOVE TO: Take a world cruise, and stop everywhere. HIGHER EDUCATION: I studied history and education at Michigan State and later Arizona State universities. PEOPLE I ADMIRE: Barry Goldwater and Liz Taylor. They live their lives the way they want to. MY PHILOSOPHY: Live and let live. I'm not hung up on politics or new toys.
  • November 1, 1970
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