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Candace Collins



Miss december 1979
Candace Collins
Dupo, Illinois
5' 7"
110 lbs
NAME: Candace Collins BIRTHPLACE: Dupo, Illinois USA BUST: 35" C WAIST: 23" HIPS: 34" HEIGHT: 5' 7" WEIGHT: 110 lbs SIGN: Double Gemini GOAL: To learn how to enjoy Chicago winters. There has to be a way. I just haven't found it yet. TURN-ONS: Men with mustaches and tight jeans, summertime picnics, thunderstorms, country cooking, Pooky, unexpected flowers and Chicago people. TURNOFFS: Telephone busy signals, peppermint, loud road repairs at 8 a.m., waiting in lines, out-of-shape bodies, kitty-litter boxes. FAVORITE PLACES: New York's Central Park in winter, JAY'S bar on Rush St. in Chicago ANY TIME, Montreal with a loved one (very romantic) and Disneyland. FAVORITE FANTASY: Whomever I'm making love with. FAVORITE FOODS: Fried green tomatoes, navy beans with corn bread, peach cobbler, Jay's beef sandwiches, Rocky Road ice cream. FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHERS: David Puffer, Richard Fegley, Rick Mitchell and Steve Prezant. MOST RIDICULOUS LOCATION SHOT: Inside an active volcano on the Canary Islands for a champagne commercial.
  • December 1, 1979
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  • Anonymous
    My favorite bunny growing up!
  • Anonymous
    I bought my first playboy magazine and it was Candace Collins as the centerfold. She has been my favourite honey bunny ever since. How is that for sheer luck? At one time she was one of the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet.