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Carly Ford


Coed Girls

Carly Ford
Scottsdale, AZ
5' 4"
118 lbs
Playboy: Did you always want to be a flight paramedic?
Carly: I thought about becoming a plastic surgeon and a large animal vet, because patients undergoing surgery don’t talk back and animals can’t cry. But I enjoy helping people and animals. I’m a big pushover.

Playboy: Is medical school full of sexy, smart coeds?
Carly: I think the sexiest women are in medical school. They are determined, smart and push themselves. They are figures to look up to.

Playboy: What are you looking forward to about life after college?
Carly: I can’t wait to jump out of a plane to help save lives, with the theme song from Top Gun playing in my head.

Playboy: Do your classmates know you’re featured in Playboy?
Carly: My English teacher found out and announced it to the class when I was actually shooting in Chicago. The guys think it’s cool, and the girls—well, we know how girls can be.
  • July 5, 2011
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