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Carly Madison



Carly Madison
Denver , CO
5' 2"
Do it all with Amateur Carly Madison, from Denver, Colorado. She’s petite – 5’2” and little over a hundred pounds – with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. “I grew up in California,” she says. “I’ve always been a busy person. When I was a kid, I did dance and gymnastics, and freshman year my dance team competed in the world finals. I took advanced placement classes, graduated early and started tutoring in math and science.” As if that wasn’t enough, she did community service and worked at an animal shelter. “I loved California, but I wanted to see what else my life had in store for me,” she says, “so after I graduated, I moved to Denver.” She took a job at Hooters, moved up to the bar, and a year later, she was a cocktail waitress at the highest-rated club in Denver. Carly has modeling experience – her parents enrolled her in a modeling class when she was four, and she was a nude model for a life drawing class at the College of the Arts. “I’ve always wanted to be a Playmate, and I never thought I would get this close,” says Carly. We met her at a casting call held at her club, where she caught the eye of Playboy casting directors. “I was doing bottle service, and they asked me if I wanted to test,” she says. “I was the last one on set, and I think that I made an impression.” Speaking of a good impression, Carly likes a guy who’s confident and approachable. “I’m fluent in body language,” she says. “I think that you can tell a lot about a guy by the way he carries himself.”
  • December 6, 2012
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  • Anonymous
    Oh yeah! Carly's first set was super hot and steamy, and now she has a second coming out in just a few days. I'm getting hard already just thinking about it! I'll just have to enjoy myself with her first set right now while I wait for the new one to come out!
  • Anonymous
    "Sweet" young thang! :)
  • Anonymous
    Barbara Kush is so darn cute!!!