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Courtney Tugwell



Courtney Tugwell
Norfolk, United Kingdom
5' 7"
112 lbs
Meet Courtney Tugwell, a model and dancer from Norfolk, United Kingdom. A platinum blonde with sapphire-blue eyes, she’s all natural, save for a few well-placed tattoos and piercings. “I’m independent and spontaneous,” she says, with a charming English accent. “I was brought up in a small town in the East of England, and nothing ever happened. I wanted to be the talk of the town.” We’d say she’s attained notoriety at the very least – Courtney has modeled all over the UK, not to mention danced in some of the hottest clubs. “I always said I would be a Playboy model,” she says, proudly. “It’s been a dream. I’ve never felt so sexy!” When she’s not working, Courtney is out with her friends, and she’s in no rush to get a boyfriend. “I’m free to do whatever I please,” she says, a little dreamily. “Why be tied down when there’s so much more in life to do?” A tattoo on her forearm reads ’la bella vita’ – Italian for ‘the beautiful life’ – and indeed, life is beautiful with Courtney Tugwell in it.
  • August 7, 2013
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