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Denise McConnell



Miss march 1979
Denise McConnell
Wiesbaden, Germany
5' 3"
104 lbs
NAME: Denise McConnell BIRTHPLACE: Wiesbaden, Germany BUST: 37" C WAIST: 24" HIPS: 33" HEIGHT: 5' 3" WEIGHT: 104 lbs SIGN: Capricorn GOALS: To be more outgoing; I'm much too shy. TURN-ONS: Anything green, the outdoors, directness in people. TURNOFFS: Phonies, dishonesty, people who don't come through after a promise. FAVORITE MOVIES: Star Wars, The Sting, all Woody Allen movies. FAVORITE TV PROGRAMS: Saturday Night Live, Mork & Mindy, Monty Python. FAVORITE FOODS: Gyros, lobster, chocolate ice cream. FAVORITE MUSICIANS: Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Rolling Stones, Marshall Tucker Band. FAVORITE ENTERTAINERS: George Carlin, Woody Allen, Steve Martin. IDEAL EVENING: Any time I can go off alone with my boyfriend; nobody else, just us.
  • March 1, 1979
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  • Anonymous
    Really wish i knew more about this lady's life after Playboy. After first seeing her photo story in Mid-February 1979, i felt i found a most wonderful lady and could only hope she would have wonderful life experiences. Some rude pig commented that he saw her at a signing event a couple decades after she blessed the world with her photo display. His rudeness was only surpassed by his ignorance of women. He mentioned that she's not so hot without the lighting and touch up. But Pompeo Posar didn't photo shop anything in 1979 and he certainly didn't create that warm and beautiful smile. And the photo of her "caught eating again" in her data sheet was not professionally taken and she's ADORABLE in it! So she dropped out of the public eye a couple of years after her introduction; my loss. As she said, she's much too shy but cruel comments about her don't help and it seems i will never learn what joys and sorrows this beautiful lady experienced these past three decades.
  • Anonymous
    My ALL TIME FAVORITE! Wish i knew more about her life after Playboy.