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Erika  Knight



Cybergirl of november 2013
Erika Knight
Omaha, Nebraska
5' 8"
110 lbs
Vote for Erika as Cybergirl of the Year 2014! Take the reins with well-bred Cybergirl Erika Knight. A horse trainer from Omaha, the biggest city in the Great Plains state of Nebraska, she has brown hair, brown eyes and a strong sense of direction. “Growing up in Omaha, I had the best of both worlds – the country and the city,” she says. “My passion in life is horses. I rode before I took my first steps, and I’ve been a trainer for several years. I love it – it’s like being one with the animal.” Erika likes to do a bit of everything. Four-wheeling, snowmobiling, target shooting and car racing – and, more conventionally, reading and shoe shopping. “I’m good at just about everything I do,” she says. That said, she may be tops in dressage, but she’s a casual dresser, and most days she wears T-shirts, sweats and jeans. “I’ll dress up for a night out,” she says, laughing. “A girl’s got to look good.” She sure does – so good, in fact, that we made her Cybergirl of the Month in November 2013.
Speaking of looking good, Erika is new to modeling. She did a shoot for a biker magazine a few years back, but before Playboy, she hadn’t done nudes. “I found a box of my dad’s Playboy magazines,” she says. “I didn’t read them, but I did get to thinking.” When she heard about a casting call in Phoenix, and she flew all the way from Omaha to attend. “I was only in Phoenix for about eighteen hours,” she says. “I was making dinner at home when I got the call back. I jumped up and down and screamed at the top of my lungs – and I burned the dinner!” Erika prefers being in a relationship to dating, and though we’re sure she could get the milk for free, she’s always glad she bought the cow. “You have sex whenever you want,” she says, a little mischievously. “I like a man with a passion. I don’t care what it is – as long as you do something and do it well, you have a chance with me. And when I fall in love, I fall hard.” That’s straight from the horse’s mouth – and Miss Knight is headed straight to the top.
  • June 11, 2012
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  • Anonymous
    Most Beautiful!!!!! Love her!!
  • Anonymous
    I met Eriika, she is a beautiful, her smile lights up the room. He is sexy and sensual but classy and intriquing. Her eyes are beautiful to look into and she will make you turn with just a glance. I hope to see her again. She is a credit to the Playboy reputation and carries herself with dignity and strength that only a woman could do. Alex
  • Anonymous
    I have also met Erika. She dominates the room with her prescence and beauty. She immediately becomes the focal point in the room, and she could still do it standing next to the president. She is the most special person I have ever had the priveledge of knowing. Her class and beauty are unrivaled.
  • Anonymous
    Too Hot to handle, too cold to hold. Eye candy for shore.
  • Anonymous
    Damn ! she looks very cute and sexy
  • Anonymous
    She has really nice round breasts, very sexy body!