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Haley Sorenson



Haley Sorenson
Indianapolis, IN
5' 6"
115 lbs
Bright-eyed, brilliantly blonde and a true Midwestern—the perfect combination for the quintessential girl next door, right? Haley definitely fits the description. But after appearing as a Coed of the Month, in Special Editions and other Playboy features, she’s ready to turn a corner. “I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot quite a bit for Playboy, and now I’m back to show everyone a different side of me,” she says. “You all have seen the cute coed, the fun fresh face, and now I’m ready to unveil the sexy Cyber Girl.” Haley may be dialing back her cute college-girl persona, but her girl-next-door, quiet confidence? That’s here to stay. “I don’t think that clothes make you feel sexy. As long as I can walk into a room and know that everyone’s eyes are on me, I know I’m sexy.” Haley talks hot gossip and spicy food in her Facetime interview.
  • June 6, 2011
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  • Anonymous
    We saw Haley on the Girls of the Big ten Hope we get more of you Haley ,, There is a College Girls SE with Haley on a bed with a white cell phone .. That is here HOTTEST set .. Haley should be a Playmate