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Holly Joan Hart


Holly Joan

Miss april 1998
Holly Hart
Fort Hood, TX
5' 8"
125 lbs
College sophomore Holly Joan Hart, an Oakland policeman's daughter, wows student bodies wherever she goes.

Playboy: You're studying education. Why not be a cop like dad?
Holly: Too stressful. My dad has been shot at. He once had to shoot a pit bull that clamped on to his leg. Teaching school is safer. I want to teach first grade - to mold uncorrupted lives.

Playboy: And if the kids' fathers recognize you from Playboy?
Holly: This is a liberal city. I'm delighted to be Miss April. I want to prove multiethnicity can be beautiful.

Playboy: You're Puerto Rican-French-Irish-Colombian-African American? Holly: Right. I'm even more multi than Tiger Woods. America is too obsessed with race. I'm proud to be "all of the above". I'm also proud of surviving a strict Jesuit prep school where the girls had to wear long skirts. Look - no more uniform!
  • April 1, 1998
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