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Jayme Knightly


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Jayme Knightly
5' 4"
116 lbs
Playboy: Did you ever consider a different major?
Jayme: I started out in advertising. I love getting creative with words and mass communication is so dynamic, you can present a message or a product many different ways. But it takes a lot of time and luck to make it big in the ad business, so I considered my other interests and switched gears.

Playboy: How did you ultimately decide on exercise science?
Jayme: I fell in love with working out during my freshman year and decided I wanted a career in health care. Exercise science was a great way to get an education in something I’m passionate about.

Playboy: Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?
Jayme: I was an orientation leader, a member of the Carolina Grapelettes for a year, inducted into Alpha Lamda Delta, a member of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Club, played tennis, and competed in the annual strength meet and the Miss USC Fitness competition.

Playboy: That’s a full plate. How do you unwind when you get overwhelmed with school?
Jayme: I’m a gym rat, so I’ll put in work on the elliptical or do yoga. I also like to crack a book open when I have the time.
  • January 9, 2011
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