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Jenna Kelly


Coed Girls

Jenna Kelly
Atlanta, GA
5' 2"
102 lbs
Playboy: Have you considered participating in any extracurricular activities this fall?
Jenna: I definitely plan on signing up for a book club or maybe volunteering with the Red Cross, which I’ve done before. Giving makes me feel good about myself.

Playboy: Would you say you’re a party animal or a bookworm?
Jenna: Ex-party animal, current bookworm. I guess I go through phases, like any other normal human. Some days I enjoy being a hermit crab, staying home all day in my sweatpants with my hair in a bun, sipping coffee and eating take-out with a good book. And sometimes I enjoy letting loose by dressing up in a small dress, letting my hair down and dancing all night!

Playboy: What’s the craziest thing you did in your partying days?
Jenna: I think every girl has gotten naked somewhere, somehow, and embarrassed herself. I’ve definitely done the Drunk Naked dance at a college party. I jumped into a fountain one drunken night with a girlfriend, in the middle of the winter—now that was a bad idea.
  • July 19, 2011
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