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Jennifer Miriam



Miss march 1997
Jennifer Miriam
Oklahoma City, OK
5' 5"
114 lbs
NAME: Jennifer Miriam

BIRTHPLACE: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA

BUST: 36" C

WAIST: 24"

HIPS: 34"

HEIGHT: 5' 5"

WEIGHT: 114 lbs

AMBITIONS: To continue growing as a film actor to the point where I can retire to the serenity of the Rocky Mountains.

TURN-ONS: A guy who will bring me fresh-picked flowers and who will jump into the river with me.

TURNOFFS: Anyone who tries to suppress the free spirit in me!

FAVORITE DISHES: Chicken-fried steak, biscuits, cheesy mashed potatoes, pecan pie -- and the man who appreciates a woman with healthy appetites.

I HAVE A PASSION FOR: Lions -- getting suspended in first grade for roaring like one, continuously falling for Leos ~, adoring "The Lion King" and also "Leo" DiCaprio.

MY IDEA OF FUN: Reading Anne Rice novels aloud to each other, then running naked through the cemetery.

I EXPOSE MYSELF TO: New Orleans blues, Charles Bukowski poetry, art-house films, Andy Warhol paintings and the guitar player in the corner of the cafe.
  • March 1, 1997
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