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Kelli Peters



Kelli Peters
Lake Havasu City, AZ
5' 4"
110 lbs
Playboy: Where do you work? Kelli: I do office work for a general contractor in Arizona. We build single-family homes. It's a little of everything -- contracts, securing permits, submitting plans to the city. Pretty much whatever needs to be done. Playboy: What do you wear at work? Kelli: I can wear whatever I want, normally just a tank top and jeans or a skirt. I try not to show off at work, but when I go out I always show a little skin. Playboy: What do you do for fun? Kelli: I live in a great community. It's on a lake, and everyone spends the entire summer hanging out there. I'm into sports, the more extreme the better. I have a boat and I Jet Ski -- but wakeboarding is my thing. Playboy: Ever lose your bikini top? Kelli: Sometimes when I wipe out, and I don't realize it until I get back to the boat. That happens often.
  • January 12, 2004
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