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Kinsey Elizabeth


Coed Girls

Kinsey Elizabeth
Richmond, Virginia
5' 4"
110 lbs
Kinsey Elizabeth is our first Coed of the Month to have also been a government employee. “I interned for the Virginia Legislature, but I had a tendency to get tipsy at receptions and flirt shamelessly with politicians,” she says. “Apparently that’s frowned upon!” But since her Coed of the Week debut, reactions Kinsey’s received from her classmates and former legislative co-workers have been very positive. “And that includes feedback from a politician I used to work for!” she says. With a rising GPA and a brag-worthy academic accomplishment on her resume, this fiery coed is looking forward to graduating and starting the next chapter of her life. “I took a course about lobbying taught by a state legislator and our major assignment was to write a bill and present it to a panel of actual legislators,” she says. “I was completely terrified, but I impressed the panel enough to get an A!”
  • January 9, 2011
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