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Linda Summers



Miss august 1972
Linda Summers
San Diego, California
5' 2"
105 lbs
NAME: Linda Summers BIRTHPLACE: San Diego, California USA BUST: 36" C WAIST: 23" HIPS: 35" HEIGHT: 5' 2" WEIGHT: 105 lbs AMBITIONS: I'd like to finish school and become a secretary. TURN-ONS: Snow skiing. TURNOFFS: Phony people. SOMEONE I ADMIRE: Wilhelm Reich. He went one step further than Freud, who dealt with the mental body. Reich took repressed emotions out of the physical body as well as the mental body and freed more of the whole man. MY IDEAL MAN: Fairly conservative, decisive, flexible, exciting, optimistic, a bit moody, aggressive, career-minded yet home-loving, tender and affectionate, and wears the pants. MY PARENTS: My father is a dentist and my mother is a hygienist. They taught me about good nutrition and kept the doctors' bills low. My stepfather owns a chain of health food stores, and he'd like to move the family to a ranch where we could grow our own organic foods. GREAT READS: The Prophet, Me and the Orgone. A GREAT DATE: The setting is a ski resort lodge, lots of winter atmosphere, listening to good music and warm conversation, drinks and a terribly exciting man. MY WEAK SPOT: My curiosity. People sometimes mistake it for nosiness. MY PHILOSOPHY: I want from life a feeling of peace and happiness and satisfaction that I am learning and loving something everyday.
  • August 1, 1972
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