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Lisa Marie Scott


Lisa Marie

Miss february 1995
Lisa Scott
Pensacola, Florida
5' 2"
103 lbs
NAME: Lisa Marie Scott

BIRTHPLACE: Pensacola, Florida USA

BUST: 34" C

WAIST: 21"

HIPS: 33 1/2"

HEIGHT: 5' 2"

WEIGHT: 103 lbs

AMBITIONS: To be successful in my career, to have a great husband & family, and to speak Japanese and French fluently.

TURN-ONS: Kids, honesty and kindness, great insight and intelligence, food, athletic legs, a sense of humor, blue eyes, surfers.

TURNOFFS: Superficial and materialistic people, egotistical men, rush hour traffic, fat-free foods, ignorance, and being in the desert too long.

I LOVE BALLET BECAUSE: It is one of the few professions that combines physical, artistic & creative beauty.

I FEEL MOST AT HOME: When I'm near the water. I've lived in beach cities all around the world, and my favorite place is Kailua, Hawaii, because the people are so down to earth.

MY SPLIT PERSONALITY: I'm generally a pretty shy person, but when I get on stage or in front of a camera, I feel very much at home. I think people are born with stage presence, and either they have it or they don't.
  • December 31, 1994
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