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Marlene Morrow



Miss april 1974
Marlene Morrow
Billings, Montana
5' 8"
125 lbs
NAME: Marlene Morrow BIRTHPLACE: Billings, Montana USA BUST: 36" B WAIST: 25" HIPS: 36" HEIGHT: 5' 8" WEIGHT: 125 lbs AMBITIONS: To be successful with my modeling and to study acting, and to have a nice home with about four children. TURN-ONS: Clothes, Italian food, books on astrology, Rolls Royces. TURNOFFS: Rude waitresses, orange cars. DID YOU KNOW? On my father's side of the family I am related to three presidents - Washington, Madison and Monroe. I LOVE TO: Shop, especially at antique stores and on Portobello Road in London. I also enjoy the theater. IF I HAD MORE TIME: I would visit every country I haven't been to. I've seen ten so far. FAVORITE TV: The Odd Couple, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I'LL ALWAYS PAY TO SEE: Richard Burton, Paul Newman or Michael Caine. I would also love to meet the Beatles. They have had so much to do with the entire Sixties music revolution and even the fashion trends. I'M ALWAYS: Dreaming. Still, I wish I wasn't so serious about life all the time. WITH MY PLAYMATE FEE: I plan to settle myself in an apartment in Los Angeles and enroll in acting and dance school. I'D LOVE TO SEE: Africa. I love animals and have always wanted to go on a safari.
  • April 1, 1974
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