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Pamela Saunders



Miss november 1985
Pamela Saunders
Miami, Florida
5' 5"
110 lbs
NAME: Pamela Saunders BIRTHPLACE: Miami, Florida USA BUST: 36" C WAIST: 24" HIPS: 35" HEIGHT: 5' 5" WEIGHT: 110 lbs WHAT REALLY EXCITES YOU? Red and purple, full moon, romantic men, bubble baths. WHAT WOMAN WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET AND WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO HER? Barbra Streisand. I would say, "It is an honor to meet you." WHAT MAN WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET AND WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO HIM? Rob Lowe; I would say hello and probably just smile. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO THAT YOU'VE NEVER TOLD ANYONE? To make love on an airplane. WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO BE IN TEN YEARS? Working in my restaurant and living on a farm full of animals. WHAT DISH WOULD YOU MAKE FOR YOUR BOYFRIEND AFTER A FIGHT? Scampi. WHAT PERFORMERS DO YOU ADMIRE? Bruce Springsteen, Joan Rivers, Eddie Murphy, Tina Turner. WHAT IS YOUR MOST ROMANTIC PLACE? On the beach or in a hotel room in Hawaii.
  • November 1, 1985
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