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Patricia Demick



Patricia Demick
Viña del Mar, Chile
5' 7"
143 lbs
A newcomer to the world of female boxing, Patricia Demick is quickly making a name for herself as a power-punching welterweight contender. In our exclusive pictorial, it's easy to see how much Patricia puts into her conditioning. She starts her training with a five-mile run on the beach through knee-deep surf and then heads to one of several gyms where she hones her boxing skills and increases her hand and foot speed. Her sparring partners are more often male, but she also has sparred with champions Melissa Salamone, Belinda Laracuente and Bonnie Canino. Born in Chilé, Patricia now lives and trains in Florida and says that she's living a dream come true. Her ultimate goal? To be recognized as the female welterweight world champion by all sanctioning bodies. We're not so sure we'd like to take a Patricia Demick right hand to the kisser, but we sure wouldn't mind a round or two of clutching and grabbing. To learn more about Patricia, check out her website,
  • December 31, 2007
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