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Priscilla Lee Taylor


Priscilla Lee

Miss march 1996
Priscilla Taylor
Miami, Florida
5' 8"
118 lbs
NAME: Priscilla Lee Taylor

BIRTHPLACE: Miami, Florida USA

BUST: 36"

WAIST: 25"

HIPS: 34"

HEIGHT: 5' 8"

WEIGHT: 118 lbs

AMBITIONS: To run my own modeling agency. To be very famous, very successful and very in love.

TURN-ONS: Secure, confident men with dark hair, strong bodies and even stronger personalities.

TURNOFFS: Laziness and rude comments.

NOTHING COMES BETWEEN: Me and my Mexican food - authentic Mexican is by far the best.

I DON'T LOOK GOOD IN: Turtlenecks - they look horrible! I dread New York winters.

I'D LIKE TO: Shake the hand of the person behind the Absolut vodka ads. I've framed every one.

FAVORITE BOOK: "The Shallow Man" by Coerte V.W. Felske. It's about a very shallow man and his involvements with models.

MY APARTMENT: It's like a giant game room on the ocean.
  • March 1, 1996
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  • Anonymous
    dear priscilla taylor,l saw your first playboy shoot ,l thought your the most beautiful daughter a guy could ever want,,l keep your poster in my offfice,these new 1993 photo shoots are so perfect