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Teri  Marie Harrison


Teri Marie

Miss october 2002
Teri Harrison
Bradenton, Florida
5' 6"
117 lbs
Teri Harrison is the product of two different cultures, but the 21-year-old Florida native relishes her diversity. "My mom is Japanese and my father is German," she says. "I have six sumo wrestler-looking uncles and a tiny Japanese grandmother, so I stick out like a Q-Tip in family pictures. Sushi and bratwurst -- that's my life!" Now Miss October is enjoying the climate in southern California and the attentions of a new boyfriend. "I'm really into the whole rock-and-roll look," she says. "My boyfriend, Rob, has a goatee, blue eyes and black hair -- nice. I want to take him out on the ocean in a yacht, have dinner and some Cristal and...I won't tell you what else. I know I'll end up asking him to marry me, because when I want something, I want it!" Teri hopes that being in Playboy will open the door to new career opportunities. "I would love to host a Wild On type of show," she says. "Traveling helps people grow by enabling them to experience new things. It's important to let readers know that Playboy isn't something I'm doing just because I can. I really enjoy being photographed, but I want people to get to know me and to see how beautiful a person can be on the inside and on the outside."
  • October 1, 2002
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