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Vanessa Hoelsher



Miss september 2005
Vanessa Hoelsher
Atlanta, GA
5' 6"
120 lbs
Like a fine wine, Vanessa Hoelsher gets better with time. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, she’s a champagne blonde with blue eyes and an effervescent smile. Vanessa was in high spirits – working as an event coordinator for her father, a distributor of fine wines – when she submitted her photos to Playboy. “I thought that it would be a great way to meet new people and see new places,” she says. She was a great event coordinator, but as Miss September 2005, Vanessa was the main event. “I have to be social for work,” she says, “and being a Playmate isn’t all that different.” She posed for several issues of Special Editions before she returned to Atlanta to be a part owner in the family business, importing and representing a line of fine wines. “I love my job,” she says. “It’s a lot of fun, but I get to use my business sense.” When she’s not working, Vanessa likes to read, shop and travel, and she volunteers for the Humane Society.
  • September 1, 2005
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