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Vanessa Marie Arevalo


Vanessa Marie

Vanessa Arevalo
Santa Monica, CA
5' 10"
127 lbs
What does a model and aspiring actress like Vanessa Marie Arevalo do after a long day of shootings and auditions? She drives right home to make a home-cooked meal and relax on the couch with a video – “exciting, huh?” When we pressed her for the kind of role she’s most like to see herself in on a video, Vanessa didn’t hesitate – “the next James Bond girl.” But that doesn’t mean James Bond is her favorite man. No, that title is saved for her father, who taught her “to be courageous and to go for my dreams.” One of which was to pose for Playboy. “I have always been fascinated by Hugh Hefner and the empire he has built. I would love to be part of the Playboy family.” Well she is now and we think Vanessa fits right in with the rest of her Playboy sisters.
  • January 1, 2001
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