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Victoria Alynette Fuller


Victoria Alynette

Miss january 1996
Victoria Fuller
Santa Barbara, CA
5' 8"
123 lbs
NAME: Victoria Alynette Fuller

BIRTHPLACE: Santa Barbara, California USA

BUST: 36" C

WAIST: 24"

HIPS: 34"

HEIGHT: 5' 8"

WEIGHT: 123 lbs

AMBITIONS: To own a beautiful home, display my artwork in a gallery and learn something new every day.

TURN-ONS: Playing in the shower, warm nights and running naked on the beaches of Mexico with my love.

TURNOFFS: People who are stuffy, conceited, judgmental. Men who stare.

IF I WERE QUEEN OF THE WORLD: Recycling would be mandatory, people would respect their elders -- and nobody could drive a nicer car than me.

VICTORIA'S SECRET: If you can make me giggle, you're sure to win my heart.

THREE RULES TO LIVE BY: Give more than you take, be kind to animals, take care of the earth.

MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: Work out every day and keep my hand out of the cookie jar.
  • January 1, 2000
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  • Anonymous
    Victoria Fuller is the classiest woman to ever grace the bunny uniform.. The light blue bunny uniform she wore at so many events has become a trademark to her unique style and personality...While there may always be more playmates to fill those colorful bunny uniforms, I think non will touch my heart, or fill the the light blue shoes of Victoria Fuller..To the lady who is also an artist, and to the man who helped launch her dream into the arts, I salute you both..