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Victoria  Marquez



Victoria Marquez
El Paso, Texas
5' 6"
123 lbs
Go south of the border with Amateur Victoria Marquez, a bartender from El Paso, Texas. She’s Hispanic, with dark brown hair, brown eyes long legs, best paired with a pair of heels. An honor student in high school, Victoria graduated two years ahead of her class, and she raises the bar as the hottest waitress on in all of El Paso. “I was raised in a close Mexican-American family,” she says. “I’ll never forget my roots, because from those, I bloomed into the woman I am today.” When she’s not working, Victoria is just as busy – she goes out with friends, runs, and goes to the gym. “El Paso has the best Mexican food,” she says, laughing. “I can’t resist.” Victoria is new to modeling – she has done some promotional work, but this is her first time posing nude. “I sent some pictures to a casting director, and I was invited to Los Angeles for an interview,” she says. “Two weeks later, I got a call back. It all happened so fast.” Victoria is single, and she’s in no hurry to double up. “For me, Playboy represents the modern woman,” she says. “Strong, confident and beautiful. I’ve accomplished more as a single girl than I ever would have in a relationship. When you’re single, you set your own rules.”
  • June 4, 2013
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