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Willy Rey



Miss february 1971
Willy Rey
Rotterdam, Holland
5' 4"
108 lbs
AMBITIONS: I would like to become a movie and TV actress. TURN-ONS: Interesting and witty conversation, sincere men, pro football. TURNOFFS: Waiting for the phone to ring, that male superiority theory. MY BIG MOVE: When I was six, my family relocated from Holland to Canada. I'D LOVE TO MEET: Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and Tom Jones. I REALLY ADMIRE: Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He remains calm no matter who's trying to provoke him, and he speaks with sincere conviction. MY IDEAL EVENING: A good dinner and an entertaining nightclub act enjoyed with someone special. IF I COULD, I'D CHANGE: My feelings of insecurity about my future. If I could, I'd be less tense and have more self-confidence. YOU PROBABLY GUESSED: I do speak Dutch fluently and even a little German. FAVORITE TV SHOWS: The Avengers or The Carol Burnett Show. I LOVE TO: Ice skate, roller skate, swim, bowl, play tennis, go boating and dance to jazz music.
  • February 1, 1971
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