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Miss April 1998

Holly Joan Hart


  • Eye Color
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate11/10/76
  • HometownFort Hood, TX, USA
  • TitlesMiss April 1998
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About Holly Joan Hart

College sophomore Holly Joan Hart, an Oakland policeman’s daughter, wows student bodies wherever she goes. Playboy: You’re studying education. Why not be a cop like dad?Holly: Too stressful. My dad has been shot at. He once had to shoot a pit bull that clamped on to his leg. Teaching school is safer. I want to teach first grade - to mold uncorrupted lives. Playboy: And if the kids’ fathers recognize you from Playboy? Holly: This is a liberal city. I’m delighted to be Miss April. I want to prove multiethnicity can be beautiful. Playboy: You’re Puerto Rican-French-Irish-Colombian-African American? Holly: Right. I’m even more multi than Tiger Woods. America is too obsessed with race. I’m proud to be “all of the above”. I’m also proud of surviving a strict Jesuit prep school where the girls had to wear long skirts. Look - no more uniform!****