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Jenna Arianna


  • Eye Color
  • Hair ColorBlondes
  • Birthdate01/01/70
  • HometownN/A, N/A, USA
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About Jenna Arianna

Playboy: Being naked must be second nature for an art major. Jenna: It sure is! I’m a volunteer nude model for the art department’s painting and drawing classes, which is very good practice for Playboy. Playboy: That explains how well you pose for pictures. Jenna: I’m very good at standing still while nude. I can hold a pose for up to two hours! Playboy: Tell us about a hot outfit you wore recently. Jenna: I went to a great Halloween party at my favorite fraternity. All the girls in my sorority went together. I dressed up as a snake and wore a shiny, skin-tight snakeskin jumpsuit. Very sexy!