Miss December 1976

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5' 8"
Hair Color
New York, New York, USA
Miss December 1976

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NAME: Karen Hafter BIRTHPLACE: New York, New York USA BUST: 35" C WAIST: 23" HIPS: 35" HEIGHT: 5’ 8" WEIGHT: 118 lbs AMBITIONS: To be a radio disc jockey or the world’s greatest female electric lead guitarist. But modeling is also nice. TURN-ONS: The simplest things, movies. TURNOFFS: Waiting in lines, running out of cigarettes, getting closed out of a course - nothing that heavy. IN MY SPARE TIME: I spend a great deal of time gratifying my senses, either by reading, listening to music or cuddling with someone. The idea of getting caught up in a 9-to-5 existence horrifies me. I LOVE: Movies. I could go every night. I?m a dreamer. My life has been directed by conflict between what really is and what I feel it should be. IF I HAD MORE TIME: I’d satisfy a fantasy of mine and learn to play electric bass. I think deep down I’m a frustrated musician. I’d like to take more ballet lessons too. CHILDHOOD: I grew up in the Bronx and studied communications arts at Queens College. FAVORITE AUTHOR: Henry Miller. He’s one of the most passionate, emotional writers I’ve ever come across. A GREAT FLICK: Friends - not a big hit but a beautiful love story. GREAT TV: None. The only reason to watch TV is to fall asleep. PEOPLE I ADMIRE: I admire people who don’t admire anybody. People should love and be proud of themselves. MY IDEAL MAN: Would have to be my male counterpart - someone who felt the same as I do. But he’ll have to be much more understanding and patient! MY IDEAL EVENING: Involves anything I can stay up all night for.

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