Katee Owen


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brown eyes

About Katee Owen

Katee Owen might be heavy up top, but she loves to keep things light. A camgirl who’s featured on KateeLife.com, Katee clearly doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s often seen dancing, singing, and playing the air guitar while clad in barely-there bikinis, bras, and short shorts, to the delight of fans.

That is, when she isn’t wearing a long-sleeve brown sweater and bouncing around what appears to be her bedroom. The “bouncy sweater” gif—featured on Playboy.com—quickly became and remains a viral video meme.

When she’s not filming videos, she’s working out, riding her bike, and eating avocados. “My favorite things in my life are my bike and my avocados,” she tweeted. “They get me places.”

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