Playmate of the Year 2014

Kennedy Summers


5' 8"
March 3, 1987
Berlin, Germany
Miss December 2013, Playmate of the Year 2014

About Kennedy Summers

The future is bright with Playmate Kennedy Summers. She’s tall at 5’8” – 5’ 8 ½”, to be precise – with blonde hair, blue eyes and a truly superior intellect. With a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, German-born Kennedy is a dedicated pre-med student, and she’s finishing a master’s in health administration while she’s at it. “I’ve modeled for more than ten years,” says Kennedy. “I loved my career, because it let me travel all over the world.” And travel she has – From Italy, Germany and France to Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, she’s the very definition of a jet-setting international model – but these days, she’s got her sights set on her M.D., and plans to trade in her garter belt for a clean-cut white coat and stethoscope. “Being a Playmate is my grand finale,” she says. “I want to become a plastic surgeon, and I want to have my own clinic, too!” On the contrary, Kennedy’s turn as Miss December was only her first act – for her next trick, our aspiring surgeon was named the 60th Anniversary Playmate of the Year. “It’s more than I could have hoped for,” says Kennedy. “I always wanted to be a Playmate, and now here I am. I look better without clothes on, anyway!” No matter what she does, we’re sure that Miss Summers will do it well – men want to be with her, women want to be her, and that’s our Playmate of the Year 2014.

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