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Miss June 1999

Kimberly Spicer


  • Eye Color
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate01/17/80
  • HometownDetroit, Michigan, USA
  • TitlesMiss June 1999
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About Kimberly Spicer

At the age of 15, Kimberly Spicer decided that she wanted to pose for Playboy. Four years later, between modeling school, winning Michigan’s 1998 Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit pageant and working the night shift at Hooters, she made it happen. We met the ambitious 19-year-old for lunch in Chicago. Playboy: What are the ingredients in a Kimberly Spicer? Kimberly: Take a mother from Mexico and a father from Tennessee. Then stir in strong opinions and a passion for dancing. Playboy: When do you feel you changed from a girl to a woman? Kimberly: When I was 15 I had a Mexican coming-out party. It was exactly like a wedding – there was a church ceremony, a cake and dancing – except that I didn’t get married. Playboy: We noticed that you have your belly button pierced. How did you deal with the pain? Kimberly: It wasn’t as painful as getting my tongue pierced. Then, I was drooling all over, holding my friend’s hand so tight that his fingers turned blue. When I go to clubs I wear a glow-in-the-dark ball on my tongue. It’s cool. Playboy: We know why we’re Cindy Crawford fans. Why are you? Kimberly: She’s the reason I became a model. The first time I saw her in a magazine, I thought, I want to do everything she does, including posing for Playboy. Playboy: You also want to become an undercover investigator. Do you enjoy looking through other people’s stuff? Kimberly: No, but I love to solve problems and figure things out. That show New York Undercover rocks. Playboy: What do you do to whoop it up in Detroit? Kimberly: I go to clubs and dance with my friends. It’s funny, though – I’ve never been drunk or done drugs. I don’t have the desire. Playboy: Under what circumstances would a one-night stand be right? Kimberly: Never. To me, sex isn’t just sex. It’s something intimate that’s shared between two people. Like marriage, sex is sacred. Playboy: Is there anything about guys that pisses you off? Kimberly: The worst thing a girl can do is stay with a guy who dogs her out. I should know – I’ve been there before. Playboy: Are you dating anyone now? Kimberly: Yes. And do you know how I know that he’s a great guy? Because he treats his mother with respect. They say if he’s good to his mom, he’ll be good to his girl.