Miss February 2011

Kylie Johnson


5' 4"
Hair Color
Fort Ord, California
Miss February 2011

About Kylie Johnson

At first glance, Miss February 2011 Kylie Johnson may seem like another beautiful Playmate, but only a fool would take Kylie at face value. This beauty is nothing if not a walking dichotomy. One of the few Playmates with visible tattoos, Johnson’s ink doesn’t start and end with the simple butterfly or delicate flower. Her left torso is inked in heavy black font, with the Latin phrase, “Vi veri veniversum vivus vici,” which means, “By the force of truth, I have conquered the universe while living.” The phrase, used in the graphic novel V for Vendetta, was also a favorite of English occultist and novelist Aleister Crowley.

This marks just one of the complexities of Kylie, who is of both German and African-American heritage. Though she was born in sunny Fort Ord, California, she was raised in upstate New York. As a high schooler, she made the cheerleading team, and she also snowboarded at the nearby Kissing Bridge Resort and listened to hardcore metal. She still considers herself a metal-head and counts As Blood Runs Black, Miss May, and Despised Icon as some of her favorite bands.

As much as she likes her music loud, she also loves her literature classic. She has read American novelist John Steinbeck and particularly likes Of Mice and Men. She points to The Phantom of the Opera as one of her favorite films.

In addition to being named Miss February in 2011, Kylie has modeled for a Special Editions pictorial in Chicago and has posed for some delightfully NSFW Playboy videos. Though Johnson has said that one of her favorite hangouts is the Playboy Mansion, the well-read model—who was in college when first cast for Playboy—has continued to keep a mind-body balance and is studying in Las Vegas, Nevada, to become a nurse and anesthetist.

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