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Miss March 2010

Kyra Milan


  • Eye ColorGreen Eyes
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate11/02/89
  • HometownLake City, Florida
  • TitlesMiss March 2010
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About Kyra Milan

Kyra Milan, Miss March 2010, has Playboy in her genes. Her mom was a Club Bunny in the 1970s. Kyra (pronounced “kye-ra”) was born in Lake City, Florida, and grew up in Tampa. She read her first issue of Playboy when she was 10. Kyra was working at the mall in high school when she was approached by a casting agent who asked if she wanted to shoot for the magazine.

“As soon as I turned 18, I did a test shoot. I shot the Centerfold the day before my senior prom.” During her Playboy shoot she wore a gold fairy necklace that her mother had worn as a bunny.

After graduation Kyra studied at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville before moving back to Tampa and taking classes at the University of South Florida. This art history major is a talented painter and ceramicist. She finds inspiration in surrealist paintings by Salvador Dali and historical dramas like The Tudors and The Borgias. If she’s not in class or working as a model, she likes to hang around at home. “I’m not much of a party girl,” she said. “The Mansion is a lot of fun, but I would rather have friends over for dinner.”

When Hugh Hefner gave her the green light as Miss March 2010, it felt like destiny. “It started,” said Kyra, “when I was a little girl and saw the movie Adventures in Babysitting. One of the biggest hypes in the movie was that the kids Elisabeth Shue was babysitting thought she was the March centerfold. I was like, ‘Mom! Dad! I’m gonna be Miss March one day!’”

Kyra gets especially excited about one conversational topic: sex. “I’m a 'good girl,’ and I believe in monogamy, but I love talking about sex. I love having sex. And what I love about Playboy is that it has taught people there’s nothing wrong with that. The magazine has always said that sex is about passion and love and fun, and that’s what I believe, too. I’m so happy to be part of the Playmate family.”

Kyra is turned on by funny, flirtatious guys who are considerate and sincere and have a great smile, confidence, and a nice body. She told Playboy, “I need a guy who is outgoing and can keep up with me!”