Miss December 2002

Lani Todd


5' 7"
June 4, 1981
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Miss December 2002

About Lani Todd

"I can play any role," says Lani Todd. "I get bored sticking to the same style, so I love to change skins -- a dominatrix one day, a rodeo girl the next. It's a fantasy and a total turn-on." The 21-year-old culture chameleon grew up in rural Pennsylvania, where she was home-schooled. "We were all artsy-fartsy kids," she says. "When I was 14, I taught myself how to play the guitar and became the lead singer in a local punk-chick band." Miss December says when she returns to Florida, where she has lived for two years and works as a cosmetologist and a model, she's going to get her groove back by taking guitar and voice lessons. "I'm strong-willed," she says. "I think people shouldn't tell you what you can and cannot do. I also believe in monogamy, but just because I love somebody doesn't mean he owns me, and vice versa. I listen to people talk about their relationships and I nearly bite my tongue off wanting to say, 'Let them live!' My boyfriend understands this and we get a real kick out of each other. I love going with him to an old redwood Victorian inn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that has the most beautiful ambience. All you want to do after having a delicious dinner and some wine is go home and make love. I take life one day at a time and do everything that I can to be good to people. It's a basic philosophy, but it's what I live by."

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