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5' 9"
Hair Color
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brown eyes
Pasadena, CA, United States

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LeeAnna Vamp’s birth name is LeeAnna Vamp. Is she a real vampire, though? “That’s for me to know and you to find out,” she writes on her site, leeannavamp.com.

Yes, she says Vamp has always been her name and always identified her character. “A ‘VAMP’ is a seductress, a woman that knows her power, is alluring and enchanting,” she writes. “It is short for Vampire, but I think it’s a style of my own that’s edgy, sexy, dark and glamorous… I AM VAMP.”

She’s even locked down the @vamp social media handles.

This self-professed “fan girl” and “nerd” is a busy cosplay actress and model who’s most often seen wearing fangs … and sometimes little else.

She calls her fans “fiends” and says she loves “evil stuff and all things Halloween.” She says, “We all know who we are out there, growing up as kids and loving the magic of the holidays. Christmas is awesome … but for us, Halloween just kicks so much more ass.”

You can find her doing her vamp thing on the web series ilovenerdgirls and Best Fiends Forever, plus in the short films Resident Evil: Down with the Sickness and Diary of a Pyschopath, among others. Or, of course, on the floor of your local Comic-Con.

“I started off with a Mario and my Chewbacca Wookini,” she told Cosplay Culture about her first cosplay costume. “I had so much fun that I was instantly hooked! Sometimes I make the entire costume, sometimes I make the costume and commission props, and other times I collaborate with other designers and costume makers to create an outfit. While my method may vary, one thing that remains the same is that I always put my own spin on a character. It’s always the ‘Vamp’ take on any character I do!”

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