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Miss September 2003

Luci Victoria


  • Eye ColorBlue Eyes
  • Hair ColorBlondes
  • Birthdate02/02/82
  • HometownSheffield, Yorkshire, England
  • TitlesMiss September 2003
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About Luci Victoria

Luci Victoria is Playboy’s Miss September 2003. Luci calls Sheffield—an English city known for its cutlery—home, but this sharp 21-year-old model seems to play in a world-size backyard. “My mom’s side of the family lives in Cleveland, Ohio, but I was born in England,” she told Playboy in an alluring, breathy voice. “All my friends are English, but people sometimes say that my accent is a mixture and that it’s hard to place.”

Fresh from the plane and in our Los Angeles studio, Luci leaned in to whisper like she was confessing a dirty secret when we asked if she preferred the States. “New York is just a larger London, while Los Angeles is a completely different world,” she said. “I would choose to live here because I love this hot weather.”

Back in the brisker British Isles, Luci divvied her time growing up in Sheffield between modeling and raising horses. “My mom bought me my first pony when I was nine,” she said. “I told her I wanted to be a model and a jockey, but she said those two things don’t go together because you could break your nose or something falling off a horse. I raised my horses to show and got to county level, which is the top. My pony, Nile, became a champion.”

As Miss September 2003 relaxed in our offices and told us about giving up her prize pony and moving to Japan at 17 for catwalk work, it was hard to believe this soft-spoken beauty could have been bullied in school. “I was small and skinny, and I got picked on because kids said I looked like a Barbie doll,” she said. “When I was 16, I auditioned for a television commercial and didn’t know what it was for. After I got the job, I found out it was a Barbie ad. So the next time my enemies teased me, I told them, ‘I actually am Barbie.’ They really didn’t bother me after that.”

When we asked Luci whether she prefers American guys to British men, she played the diplomat. “They’ve both got sexy qualities,” she said. “I used to go for bad boys—muscled, toned, maybe with some tattoos. Now I’m looking for someone who will look after me and put me first.”

Luci told us she’s turned on by “strong, fit men who can look after me, scoop me up in their arms and carry me to bed!” She’s turned off by “men with hairy chests. Guys who take more time in the mirror than me are a definite no-no!”

For now, Luci wants to focus on her career. “I’m down-to-earth,” she said. “I’ll always be the way I am and I’ll never think I’m better than anyone else.”