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Highlights from the April 2012 Issue of Playboy Magazine Bruno Mars, John Hamm, London's Hottest Supermodel DJ, An Exclusive New Chapter of The Walking Dead
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Playboy Magazine, March 2013
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Features Michonne's Story An exclusive graphic tale from Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead. Officer Finnigan Jerry Finnigan was a dedicated Chicago cop patrolling the city's most dengerous neighborhoods. Now he's serving 12 years in prison. Hillel Levin exposes the scandal that brought him down. Fiction A Russian Picnic David Hochman gets some straight talk from the senator's daughter and pundit. Pictorials London Calling Raise your hands for Natalie Loren, the hottest DJ in the world. Playmates amd Rock Stars So a guy writes hit songs, makes a ton of money and acts like a bad boy. Centerfolds find that attractive? Yes, they do. Where's our guitar? Columns Mile High Flub Ever fantasize about gaining entry to that infamous mile-high club? Richard Lewis had his chance. Recycled Love Lisa Lampanelli once had 12 breakups in a month - with the same guy. Why are we forever going back to our exes when we know it's trouble? As with doughnuts, Lisa says, stop at one.
News & Notes The World of Playboy The stocking are stuffed on Christmas Eve; Hef speaks at USC; an intimate tour of the Mansion; a visit from Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer. Black Tie and Lingerie It's New Year's Eve at the Mansion with Hef and time to celebrate another remarkable year. Playmate News Miss October 2011 Amanda Cerny dedicates herself to Haiti; the Shannon twins on Celebrity Big Brother UK; Pam Anderson plays her own double. Playboy Forum Overdose County, USA The US has a drug problem, but it's not the one you might expect. Vince Beiser visits War, West Virginia, which has been devastated by overdoses of black-market prescription painkillers. What can be done? Reader Response Defending Ayn Rand; popular populists; did the Vanderbilts give us government regulation? Newsfront Men who give away their sperm; President Obama slices up the constitution; cameras in the trees.

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